Coaching Skills

For people who are directly involved in the growth, development and steering of sales people.



The coaching skills programme will take the entire sales team to higher levels when the concepts taught are implemented. Coaching skills is one of the single most significant factors in achieving the team sales target.

coaching skills

Delivery Method


To maximise efforts, delegates will study and review some course theory elements in advance. Facilitation during the training is participative in nature. Evidentiary learning is enabled by the unique facility. It presents an opportunity for participants to immediately reflect on their achievements and respond to their individual strengths as recorded during role plays. The emphasis is on self-discovery and an increase in self-awareness. Experienced Mercuri International facilitators share feedback with participants in a focused environment where good working habits are highlighted with live examples – for implementation of the new techniques and behaviour in the workplace. Growth at its best – behaviour change.

Outcomes of this course


  • Improved interaction between sales manager and sales people leading to increased motivation and productivity

  • A sales coach who is able to increase the competence of the sales people on an ongoing basis leading to increased sales and morale

  • A sales coach that is able to get the team of sales people to have a bigger impact on the market towards the implementation of sales strategies

  • Higher levels of activity due to increased motivational focus by the sales manager

Course Content


  • Introduction to Coaching

  • Leadership styles

  • Coaching Roles

  • Accompaniments

  • Competence checklist

  • Constructive Feedback

  • Assessing Performance

  • Agreeing to Agree

  • The Power of Evidence


Taking Sales to a Higher Level Mercuri

Of all the leadership training that I did over the years,
coaching skills has had the biggest impact of all.