Negotiation Skills

Whilst the course is primarily aimed at those in everyday buying and selling roles, it will be of equal benefit to other managers involved in commercial negotiating such as accountants and those responsible for buying in services for the company.



Negotiation is a major factor in profitability and when handled successfully makes an immediate and measurable improvement to the bottom line. This course will equip salespeople and buyers with a clear understanding of the negotiating process and the essential strategies, techniques and tactics necessary to achieve the very best deal for your company, whilst always maintaining a win-win situation.


Delivery Method


To maximise efforts, delegates will study and review some course theory elements in advance. Facilitation during the training is participative in nature. Evidentiary learning is enabled by the unique facility. It presents an opportunity for participants to immediately reflect on their achievements and respond to their individual strengths as recorded during role plays. The emphasis is on self-discovery and an increase in self-awareness. Experienced Mercuri International facilitators share feedback with participants in a focused environment where good working habits are highlighted with live examples – for implementation of the new techniques and behaviour in the workplace. Growth at its best – behaviour change.

Outcomes of this course


  • Improved outcomes from negotiations

  • Maintaining relationships despite the tough nature of negotiations

Course Content


  • Introduction and Objectives

  • The Negotiating Process

  • The Preparing Phase

  • Introduction and Objectives

  • The Discussing Phase

  • The Proposing Phase

  • The Bargaining Phase

  • Agreeing to Agree

  • Personal Plan of Action


Taking Sales to a Higher Level Mercuri

The procurement people are constantly being trained to negotiate better. To achieve growth, sales people must do even more.