Presentation skills

This course is designed for anyone who has to regularly present to an audience of colleagues or customers, prospects or peers – and talk persuasively.


Knowing one’s subject is one thing. Convincing others to buy your concept is another. You might know all there is to know about the topic, yet sometimes you are required to inform others about the topic in such a way that they share your enthusiasm and remember what is being said.


This highly practical course makes extensive use of both group and individual tuition. Participants learn how to win and hold the attention of their audience.


Delivery Method


To maximise efforts, delegates will study and review some course theory elements in advance. Facilitation during the training is participative in nature. Evidentiary learning is enabled by the unique facility. It presents an opportunity for participants to immediately reflect on their achievements and respond to their individual strengths as recorded during role plays. The emphasis is on self-discovery and an increase in self-awareness. Experienced Mercuri International facilitators share feedback with participants in a focused environment where good working habits are highlighted with live examples – for implementation of the new techniques and behaviour in the workplace. Growth at its best – behaviour change.

Outcomes of this course


  • Having the skill to gain the audience’s trust as a result of the confidence displayed

  • The ability to inform others in a way that will enable them to retain and / or share information presented

  • To be able to persuade the audience to take the desired action

Course Content


  • Types of Presentations

  • The Art of Communication

  • Planning the Presentation

  • Personal Projection

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Knowing and Using Your Audience

  • The Bargaining Phase

  • The Use of Audio-Visual Aids

  • Practical Work


Taking Sales to a Higher Level Mercuri

It highlighted my areas of development and provided the environment to practice these new skills