Sales Strength Audit


This service aims at identifying medium and long term risks in the sales channel, by measuring the displayed level of selling skills against the company or industry standards.



Negotiation is a major factor in profitability and when handled successfully makes an immediate and measurable improvement to the bottom line. This course will equip salespeople and buyers with a clear understanding of the negotiating process and the essential strategies, techniques and tactics necessary to achieve the very best deal for your company, whilst always maintaining a win-win situation.

Sales Strength Audit

The Audit Process


During the design phase a Mercuri sales expert meets with relevant people from the organisation for whom the audit will be done. This could include Executives, Sales and HR management. Information gathered will enable Mercuri to tailor the Sales Strength Audit in such a way that it will measure relevant Sales DNA as well as the Sales Competencies.


Depending on the situation, the Sales Strength Audit is designed to include elements that will:

  • Evaluate each of the steps in the sales process.

  • Give an indication of the characteristics (Sales DNA) of the participants and how this matches the job requirements.

  • Review the sales process. Due to the intricacies of the Sales Strength Audit, only one type of sales process can be evaluated at a time i.e. Hunting; Farming; Key Account Management.

  • Give a clear understanding of the sales people’s ability to articulate the value proposition.

  • Evaluate the primary Competencies required for the situation.

  • During the Assessors’ preparation phase the two people for the company who will be Assessors are given the necessary tools and will get a briefing on their role during the process. The Assessors roles include the evaluation of the sales people as they participate and display their competencies.

  • Define Required Sales Competencies

  • Design Sales Simulation

  • Meet & Brief Assessors

  • Sales Strength Audit Day

  • Audit Meeting


Taking Sales to a Higher Level Mercuri

“I can now see why we have had such a high turnover of sales people, our sales processes make it almost impossible for them to be successful”